April 13, 2011

George MacDonald: Unstuck in Time

Being the sort of creature that loves audio books, and listens to them whenever "creating" anything [especially the genre of books old enough to be in the public domain], LibriVox.org is my lucid dream come true.
I was delighted to find this morning, in the new releases, another novel by George MacDonald.  This Scotch writer of fantasy, theology, adult fiction, and children's stories, has become an abiding presence in my imagination.  Everything I've been working on today has been mingled with the intense pleasure of falling into a fresh narrative generated from a mind I revere.
I'm watching the emerging ties between the half-dozen projects I've been working on today and the rich narrative, teaming with allegory.
My adulation to the late George MacDonald and long live "LibriVox.org"!

                                                      A Young-ish George MacDonald...
                                                      An older George MacDonald...
                                                   George MacDonald: wizened patriarch...
              George MacDonald: Unstuck in Time.

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