April 15, 2011

Diverging Correlatives

An Oxymoron?

Well, yes, but...

the two words still suggest the paradox of creating artwork, deconstructing it, rebuilding it with different forms and sometimes for different functions...basically "recycling" an idea until it's become many other things with a hidden thread between them.

For example, when I sell a piece of Jewelry, I proceed to make packaging for the specific item sold.  This involves photography of said item, making digital collages, then printing them.  Phase 2: Choosing paints, and grabbing my Xacto knife in order to make intricate paper cuttings of the digital collages just printed...I won't even go any further than this.  I've suggested several of the stages of building something, breaking it down, and remaking it in dozens of permutations from there.  And so on, to reference another literary inspiration of mine, Kurt Vonnegut.

Now some multi-exposures of the custom box for the Sympathy for a Cyclops Ring.

Collage: Diverging Correlatives

Collage: Diverging Correlatives 2

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