January 9, 2009

Of plumage and Exoskeletons...

I was asked this morning where I get my inspiration for the color schemes in my jewelry. That's a big question involving mood, environs, music, literature, bugs, and birds.
Let me explain the 'bugs and birds' part, because that probably sounds odd.

Bugs: I mean specifically beetle types that have brilliant iridescent exoskeletons. I could stare at them for hours if they happened to be dead, and consequently unable to fly away from me. "Even Solomon, in all his glory, was not arrayed like one of these"- I use that praise Jesus so aptly appropriated to the lilies and extend it to exoskeletons, if no one objects. I've used resin-preserved Stag Beetles and "June Bugs" in pendents and earrings so that I can go around sportin' an exoskeleton too! Why should bugs have all the fun?

Specifically their feathers- vividly iridescent and ever-changing in movement and light. The very structure of the feather enhances the depth and brilliance of the colors perceivable in it. I have had a mania for peacock feathers since I was a young child. The jeweled tones of a peacock feather have been motifs in my paintings from the first, and now in my jewelry as well.

So, a big 'thank you' from me to all those birds and bugs out there, inspiring color schemes for people like myself.

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