November 29, 2011

Klewism In Harsh Light

I'm honored to the point of delirium to now be an author on the razor-wit, erudite-hipster, culture vulture "IT" blog In Harsh Light along with the founder of the feast Richard Sanchez, plus co-bloggers- Mario Munoz, Andréa Balt, & Morpiedra Vasolez.

My inaugural post "An Absurdist Vignette, or a Conversation with Richard Sanchez" seemed to go off swimmingly- smashing good fun complete with Scarface and Highlander references.  

Take a look at In Harsh Light, which has recently been featured on "Freshly Pressed".

Sean Connery is truly fabulous in peacock feathers, is he not?

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Anonymous said...

We're thrilled that you joined us in our arty adventures! I got a crush on this blog, btw :).